One in 10 are alcoholics and don’t know it. Rate yourself below.

drink driving face disfigured

1. Taking alcohol in larger amounts or for longer than you meant to
2. Wanting to cut down or stop drinking but not managing to
3. Spending a lot of time getting, using, or recovering from alcohol
4. Cravings and urges for alcohol
5. Not managing to do what you should at work, home or school, because of alcohol
6. Continuing to drink even when it causes problems in relationships
7. Giving up important social, occupational or recreational activities because of alcohol
8. Using alcohol again and again, even when it puts you in danger
9. Continuing to drink even when you know you have a physical or psychological problem that could have been caused or made worse by alcohol
10. Needing more alcohol to get the effect you want (tolerance)
11. Development of withdrawal symptoms, which can be relieved by taking more alcohol

Mild: Two or three symptoms Moderate: four or five symptoms Severe: six or more symptoms

The longitudinal Harvard Grant Study said if an alcoholic could remain alcohol-free for five years their lives were significantly longer.

About 90% of alcoholics relapse within 4 years.

If you scored too high on the questions above, good luck. Join me. I started my Dry Five Years May 2015 the first three months were hardest.

[update November 2015 still dry, despite provocation from former drinking companions.]

[Dec2016 feeling good – better Audit of Your Alcohol test is here.]

[Nov2021 update: fell off the wagon for about 12 months 2020-21 but back on the wagon again and feeling much better.  No cravings for  4 months! And to my alcoholic buddies who tell me I should just drink in moderation: GET F***ED.]

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