Storm Fantasy – Sailing Yacht Safety Card


SAFETY CARD for Storm Fantasy

So always do tasks exactly the same way.
Even if it take a bit longer, enjoy the zen of safety.
When you’re tired and in trouble, your brain will do the thing you’ve trained it for.

B. Make yourself familiar with the boat – open everything and look inside. Where is YOUR PFD?


1. What’s the difference between our two life-rings?

2. Can you heave-to?

3. Can you turn on the radio in the grab bag?

4. Have you done the trip report with the VHF or by text?

5. What’s in the first-aid kit?

6. Pump a bucket of water overboard with the bilge pump.

7. Where is the safety knife?

8. Please write our coordinates into the log.

9. Which end of the different flares do you hold?

10. Please start the engine.

11. Where are the 3 fire extinguishers?

12. Please tie a rope to a stanchion. Prepare the rope and throw it as far as you can.

13. Where are the big-handled wire cutters used for cutting the rig?

14. Please open and shut the five sea-cocks and note attached plugs.

15. No glass or alcohol on board. I run a dry boat.

EPIRBs, Man OverBoard (MOB) drill


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