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[Image description: Kevin and Joanna stand smiling at the camera. Their arms are around each others waists. They are on the lawn/driveway in front of their house in summery clothes.]

Joanna and I. We met in 1982 and I didn’t know until then that humans could live together without screaming at each other. She’s been helping me rehabilitate ever since. Apologies if my combative habits die hard – we’re working on it.

I thought I had a pretty good idea of how the world works. Then in the early 1990’s I became one of the small number of people to get a Top Secret Australian Eyes Only (AUSTEO) government security classification. The most amazing thing I then learned was that high level corruption exists in all societies. I served Bob Hawke when he was Prime Minister and made this statement on his death. I also served Paul Keating when he was Prime Minister: Keating is a neoliberal fool.

The only solution to corruption and foolishness is transparency and citizen scrutiny. Read to the end for a funny story.

When the time comes I’ll have more to say about what I learned (I’m not yet ready to risk jail like other brave whistle-blowers). Meantime I salute Edward Snowden and warn everyone to take an active interest in their freedoms AND the freedoms of others a la Pastor Niemoller.

5 career highlights.

1. Running my own consultancy and Chinese translation business

  • International projects in management, education, micro-credit and health care (1995 – current)

2. Queensland Prisons ombudsman role (appointed to one prison) 1999 – 2002

3. China Country Programs Manager, Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)

  • Negotiated and implemented projects in China and Tibet
  • World Bank desk,  AusAID
  • Commodity markets, debt portfolios, trade and non-trade barriers (1989 – 1995)

4. Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australia

  • Economist
  • Policy, speeches and briefs for Prime Minister Bob Hawke (1988 – 1989)

5. NSW Prisons – teacher

  • Designed and implemented one of world’s first computer studies courses for prisoners. (1983 – 1987)

My Education

I was lucky to be born at the best time of human history for education. I got two degrees and a Dip Ed for free. My first university study was in Medicine but I dropped out within the year and then did BA with Hons in Indian history/politics (and Hons psychology to 3rd year). I continued to do extensive study in science and medicine. This enabled me later to become a professional science and medical translator.

My second degree was in Economics with a law major.

I’ve got more than the equivalent of a degree in Chinese with my qualification as a professional Chinese to English translator. And here, my huge thanks go to my teacher Sue Tang at Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

I’ve done many science translations. It’s important to understand what science is. Naomi Oreskes defines it beautifully. One of my favourite hobbies is checking Chinese translations.

Here’s a nice article Neelima Choahan wrote about me. neelima-choahan-mccready-story (PDF)

In retirement I’m passionate about Deaf rights and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) and sailing. I miss the singing I used to do in the Sydney Philharmonia Choir, but you can’t do everything.

Funny story – I got shoulder-tapped for a job interview with ASIS in my last year of Honours history at Sydney University. They flew me to Melbourne, set me up in a nice hotel, took me to a couple of nice three course meals and gave me a battery of tests and interviews. They refused to say who they were. I knew they were some sort of Govt spook organisation. I told them I wasn’t a yes man and not nationalistic and I applied for out of pocket expenses when I got back. I didn’t get the job or the out of pocket expenses, but years later in a different job I got Top Secret (AUSTEO) classification. Then I found out who they were. LOLs

Get in touch if you feel like it by removing gaps and reconstructing:

kevin 1 mccready at g mail dot com



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  1. I suppose you read the book back to front or was it the Englsih version.
    You write “Edward O. Wilson’ in English and not in Chinese “Wilson O. Edward”
    So these groupie cows with clay feet were in heat. So the mud sticks to their feet. That is some feat. They are in yellow peril of meeting a bull. just thought I would bounce that one off the wall.

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