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Unsolicited abuse re Sign Language First


New Zealand people in the Deaf community and the Cochlear Implant industry are aware of some of my views. I promote the science which says Deaf kids should learn Sign Language first. Some people find that threatening. Some people actively campaign against Sign Language, including against NZSL. Some of these people contact me unsolicited to abuse me. Some of them publicly defame me. So here’s some examples. I’ve removed real names.


Betty used to be very senior figure in the hierarchy of Deaf affairs in NZ. My Deaf friends had warned me about her. So it was no great surprise that she should decide to contact me via a private Facebook message.

Sat 24 March 2018 10:41pm
Take [your post off the] facebook page – it’s unfair on [Therese]
But for someone who isn’t deaf, or doesnt’ have an implant, you really shoudln’t be a spokesperson

You accepted Robyn’s request.

Bullying people who MAY have a different view to you. Is not cool – neither is toxic identity politics.
The toxic side of Identity Politics
Identity politics means different things to different people. For marginalised people it can be a positive expression and a way to counter power imbalances in society. Deaf Pride, Gay Pride, femini…

Im not bullying. I’m trying to make you understand that your point of view was in the wrong forum.. It’s about adults and your beef is with children. That was all. But you can’t seem to get that

See my reply to Sym. And I’ll take your response as an acknowledgement that you tried to engage in toxic ID politics.

You can take it anyway you like, but I didn’t.

Oh well. Fact remains. BTW you don’t seem to understand how science works. You can’t just “pick” a study that backs up your beliefs.

But that’s exactly what you have done because you only quote Ann geers study and no one elses

That’s untrue. I quote lots of science.
Cochlear implants – 5 big lies
This blog post is for parents deciding whether to teach Sign Language to their deaf children. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying a cochlear implant program (CIP) is bad. I am…

That’s a blog, not a scientific paper and it still quotes Ann geers
Go to science papers not just opinion pieces

It references the papers. Silly billy. To see if my argument stacks up you have to read the references, ie the scientific papers. Silly billy.

For every one of those there are peer reviewed papers that show the opposite. There will always be children and adults that don’t do as well, some better than others. But you can’t term it as a failure, as I know an adult that gets no speech sounds. Yet she loves her implant as she can still hear environmental sounds. For her that means everything and so she terms it as a success. Everyone is different. Some of the kids that don’t do well often have multiple disabilities and motor problems as well. Sign language is not the answer there. There is no one size fits all and as soon as you recognise that you will why your fighting this all the time brings derision amongst those that are both deaf and hearing. You have been added not to represent the deaf by deaf leaders. Even they know that what you say is wrong, we don’t need you to champion for us we are perfectly capable of doing what is necessary ourselves. So please consider this. You.are.not.needed.or.wanted. Most of us that know of you think there is something weird about you for this. If I were you i would stop what you are doing as you aren’t doing any favours for yourself, for deaf people, and certainly not deaf kids implanted or otherwise.

OK Betty
Let’s take this one by one.
1. your aggression is unhelpful. Please stop it.
2. The idea that for every scientific paper there is another one saying the opposite is absurd. Please educate yourself about how science works.
3. I try not to use the word failure, but when I do, I mean it. I too have friends with CIP and HA who value just the environmental noise.
4. The multiple disabilities fallacy has been demolished by science. Are you telling me that NZSL is not the answer for [well known Deaf+ person] for example?
5. I certainly know that one size does not fit all. I have never said that. You are being intellectually dishonest to suggest it. Please stop being intellectually dishonest.
6. Name me one “Deaf leader” who says I am wrong.
7. I have heaps of support from Deaf leaders and Deaf friends. It is laughable for you to make the claims you have made.

Betty didn’t respond further.


3 October 2017

“Kia ora Carol Thanks for reacting to my post. I’m really glad to hear [your son] is making good progress with his CIP. Spare a thought for 1/3 of Deaf kids for whom the program doesn’t work. What the Hearing House is doing is morally wrong. Could you mention it to Scott?”

4 Oct2017
I think you are a dispicable individual who is acting like an uninformed zealot. Take your imbecilic ideas elsewhere please

I bear you no ill will. Good luck. BTW I know what I’m talking about. What errors do you think I’ve made?

Carol didn’t respond further.

Abuse of Cochlear Implant Parents

male female verbal abuse

I’ve been publicly defamed by Sym Gardiner who alleges I contact parents whose Deaf kids have a Cochlear Implant Program (CIP). He alleges I have a “pattern of initial friendly contact, increasing pressure regarding NZSL usage and then finally verbal and emotional abuse.”

Sym refuses to provide evidence, even confidentially to a third independent party, yet keeps making the defamatory claim. He should provide the evidence to a third party who will maintain confidentiality or he should apologise for defamation.

I’m publishing the following (with names removed). I’ve engaged in an honest, respectful conversation with parents. Judge for yourself.

[I’ve changed the Deaf child’s name and used “Mum and Dad” instead of the parents’ real names. I’ve changed the name of the Audio Verbal Therapist. Julia Sarrant’s real name is used.]

Facebook Chat [The parents maintain a public page, bravely and honestly describing the journey Charlotte is on with them. I only wish more people would be so open.]

9:05pm 29JN2017
Kia ora. Hope it’s going well. I noticed Charlotte was having trouble with p’s and m’s. I guess you have a technique for focusing on that?

Hi Kevin
Yes we have had a lot of trouble particularly with P. At the moment we are doing a lot of practice in front of a mirror so that Charlotte can see the shape her mouth needs to form. M has come a lot easier, but P maybe a lot further down the track.

Are you doing minimal pairs?

Not sure what that is?

Adapt the following for no sound because I’m guessing that even with the CI she can’t hear the differences.

“An MP sets up two items which are pretty close ie minimally different. Your aim is first to hear the difference, then reproduce the difference. Here’s how a typical MP session works. The teacher writes down the MP. It can be two sounds, words, tones (for tonal languages), phrases or sentences. The teacher says one of the MP at random and the student points to which one they hear. AFTER the student can hear the difference correctly, the student says them at random and the teacher points to what they hear. After the teacher can hear correctly what the student is trying to say, then you’ve probably made a good start. ”

Jul 3rd, 1:18pm
Sorry about the delay in reply we have all been sick 😷
That sounds really great. The issue we have with Charlotte is that the in order for her to spontaneously say a word she must have heard it many times before she will attempt it. The experts think that she may have speech apraxia. [Kevin note. Good news. This was later ruled out.] In saying that she said ” ice cream” very clearly and has said it many times since and that is not something we have worked on.

Jul 3rd, 3:20pm
Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I hope you’re feeling better. Joanna and I had our flu shots last week. We were a bit late. Wow, pretty good on ice-cream. How does she go with simple sign language? That might help reinforce a minimal pair. Or you could use pictures.

Yes we haven’t been sick in two years which I thought was pretty good going.
Charlotte uses basic sign drink, sleep, good etc and the core board for other complicated requests.

Jul 11th, 12:36pm
Sounds good. Is she planning to learn the signs for the other stuff on the core board?

Jul 17th, 4:50pm
Just saw this and thought you might be interested for Charlotte.
Rotorua mums write book celebrating three NZ languages
17 Jul, 2017 6:00am Jenny Chapman and Molly Chattell have written Korero Mai – Speak To Me incorporating 14 first words frequently used by children, such as mum, dog and bed in te reo Maori, English and New Zealand sign language. Baby sign movement.
available from]

Great article!

Glad you liked it.

Public posts on Mum and Dad’s public FB page for Charlotte:

Kevin August 6 at 9:11am
Kia ora Mum and Dad
I’ve wrestled with my conscience for days before posting this. I woke up this morning and knew I could not live with myself unless I reached out to your family today. I sincerely hope for Charlotte’s sake that you won’t mind.
I guess by now you’ve met some of the Deaf CIP kids in NZ who are Permanently Language Deprived; it’s one of the saddest thing I’ve ever witnessed. And recently for the first time I met a Deaf man my own age (58) who has no effective language. He’s a lovely guy but his life is incredibly hard and his understanding of the world is incredibly limited. He can’t even convey his thoughts effectively in NZSL at Deaf Club although he hangs out there for companionship.
So with Charlotte’s language acquisition window coming to a close, I want to beg you to try perhaps 15 minutes per day of NZSL with Charlotte. You could do it with her board or with the language tasks you’re working on at the time, or you could do it in child directed play. Other parents I know who have done it are truly astounded by the changes.

Mum and Dad
August 6 at 11:50am
Hi Kevin
Thank you for your post. I understand by making Charlotte’s page an open forum that I am potentially putting our choices out there for possible questioning, and I am ok with that.

Whilst I certainly have nothing against sign language we have included the basics into our day to day life, spoken language is still our goal.

I am very aware of the controversy surrounding deaf children and adults and the subsequent push to learn sign. I am also aware of recent research of parents that persevered beyond the normal realms with outstanding results and we have been fortunate to meet these children.

Like anything in life there are no guarantees, we don’t know what Charlotte’s outcome will be.

What I do know is being deaf regardless of your method of communication is bloody hard,but if we can give her a spoken method… it will make her life a little easier.

Kevin August 10 at 8:59am
Thanks guys for your response. I just want to be as supportive as possible. I’m wondering, given what you say, if someone has said NZSL will be detrimental to Charlotte’s chances of learning to speak?


August 10 at 10:45am
Hi Kevin
Just recently there has been a lot of research on this topic. Just recently ( August 2016) Dr Julia Sarant an audiologist and senior research fellow from Melbourne came to Auckland to present her findings.
Once I find them I will post if your interested.

August 10 at 11:28am
Hi guys. I went to Julia’s talk and talked to her afterwards and exchanged emails with her. If you google “Mccready Sarant” you will see the result. Best wishes.


August 10 at 12:28pm
Yes I have read your take on it ” abuse of deaf kids human rights” let’s just say this is not something I agree with and leave it there.

I’m really pleased that Dianne doesn’t believe Charlotte has apraxia. And I really admire the amount of love and hard work you are putting in. I was both happy and sad to see the video. I admire you and Dianne for bravely putting them out there and wish more people would do the same, because everyone can learn from them. So please don’t take what I’m about to say as criticism.

It’s just that it appears to me that Charlotte may not be fully engaged. When she is engaged it’s for the reward or the play and I can’t see real engagement with the sound reproduction task. Before she can reproduce the sound correctly she has to be able to know it from similar, but different, sounds. This is called a ‘minimal pair’. I can’t see that she knows the differences in a minimal pair.

Kids have the ability to soak up language like a sponge and I think that with a good NZSL teacher Charlotte would be fully engaged. Perhaps you could ask Dianne if she would work together with such a teacher? I know you currently believe that this would not be a good strategy, but the science shows Julia Sarant is wrong about bilingualism, even though she acknowleges that profoundly Deaf kids have greater language delays (and therefore greater chances of being left without a language at all) [Spoken Language Development in Oral Preschool Children With Permanent Childhood Deafness, Julia Z. Sarant Colleen M. HoltRichard C. Dowell Field W. RickardsPeter J. Blamey.]

I know you also believe that there is a “controversy” about these issues. I think the controversy is similar to the controversy about global warming or tobacco and cancer. Some parents have had success by essentially excluding sign language, but I also know that the gamble doesn’t pay off for 33% of Deaf kids who are left PLD.

From your previous response to me on 10 August, I think we may have a miscommunication about my human rights commitment. I’m not saying that not teaching sign language to Deaf kids violates their human rights, but I am saying, like the SB210 law in the US says, a child shouldn’t be denied a language. SB210 sets up useful benchmarks and a timetable. We all sincerely hope Charlotte will not be permanently language deprived and I guess the question is, at what age do you try NZSL fully?

Unfortunately most research doesn’t separate profoundly Deaf kids from other deaf kids. I’m strongly of the view that profoundly Deaf kids need their own research. If ever an expert tells you something I’d ask, does that science specifically focus on profoundly Deaf kids?

Anyway, the good thing about datasets is the ability to find information within them that the original producers of the data have missed, or have decided not to mention. This is the case for example with Ann Geers’ data on profoundly Deaf kids (google: Mccready “Ann Geers”).

I’ve done my best here so please don’t take it the wrong way, my concern is totally for the best outcome possible for Charlotte. It would be an entirely natural reaction for you to have a negative response to my post, but please consider it and talk about it. Good luck. I know it’s hard. I admire your courage.

Cochlear Implant Progam (CIP) Chat log

happy young man pointing

This is a chat log of a CIP person who has publicly defamed me. I am releasing it so that the Deaf community knows the full story.

Most names have been changed to protect the possibly innocent.

T=Fred (not their real name)
K=Kevin (me, real name)

Fri 10.12pm 3NV2017
Just had a few questions for you – apparently you’ve been contacting parents of Deaf/deaf children with CIs? Can I ask why?


k Sat 4NV 10:41AM
Kia ora Fred. Good to hear from you. I’ve kept records of all my contacts with CIP parents. My stance is well known. Some of them have been directing hate speech at me. When it gets to that stage I disengage. I’d be very happy to sit down with anyone and talk with them about any issues or problems they may have. I might add that some people are quite capable of either deliberate or unintentional lies when they get emotional. So be careful about believing stories you hear about me. And, let’s face it, human rights can be an emotional topic. We saw that in NZ in the debate over whether parents had the right to assault their children or not. Anyway, as I say, I’d be happy to explore any allegations and refute them. But I think the best approach is to try to stay respectful and tolerant and built an understanding of the Rights of the Child and the importance of NZSL for profoundly Deaf kids.

oops. I meant to say “build” not “built”

T 12:36
So what gives you the right to contact these parents? Where’s your standing on the issue? You’ve not been very clear with these parents because some of them think you represent our community which you don’t – and that damages the community’s relationship with those parents which is important to us.

T a few minutes later
And I don’t appreciate your comparision to the “anti-smacking” bill – that was more about the fact that courts were letting parents getting away with actual physical abuse based on the previous law rather than any right to smack/similar forms of discipline

k 4:28 leaving time for his anger to subside
Kia ora Fred. Did you read my article? I’m at a bit of a loss to understand your anger, especially where the rights of kids are at stake. Perhaps it would help if you told me what the allegations are and we can take it from there. I’m also a bit surprised because I thought you knew me better. I try always to have the best interests of all people, especially vulnerable people, in the forefront of my mind at all times.

T 5:34pm
I don’t know you at all, I’ve talked to you twice if that. Myself and others are annoyed with your attitude.
I have read your blog, it is poorly written, terrible and damaging to the relationship between Deaf community and hearing parents of deaf children when you write something like “My Deaf friends know of babies dying on the operating table.”
There are no allegations, just that you have been, for want of a better word, stalking and harrassing parents who did not ask for contact from you, as well as trying to mount a campaign against the Hearing House/SCIP’s Loud Shirt Day. Those parents have also assumed you were part of the Deaf community when in fact you are not.

Your statement that you always try to have the best interests of all people, especially vulnerable people is especially offensive as it implies that you see Deaf as being vulnerable and unable to make decisions for themselves so you must defend/protect us instead of letting us represent our own view and community. Do you know of the Milan conference where sign language was banned worldwide in educational settings? That decision was made by hearing people with the same attitude as you – that Deaf people cannot represent our own community and advocate in issues important to us.
You also do not understand that our community includes a wide range of people, with different levels of hearing. You expose your own privilege here and elsewhere for example making negative comments regarding DA’s translation of the last election debate.

My question again is: what is your standing in this issue? You are not deaf/Deaf, nor are you a parent or grandparent of a deaf child, nor part of the community. You have no published research nor completed any formal study. Have you even attended any Deaf cultural awareness classes or siginficant amount of NZSL classes?

I ask that you stop with what you are doing – or at least be clear about who you are – ie a hearing man looking for a cause to champion. Leave the issue to community to work on.

Sunday 5NV2017 12.59 (noon)
Kia ora Fred. You’re one of the lucky CIP people. 1/3 of others aren’t so lucky. You say there are no allegations, then you say I’ve stalked people. That’s ridiculous. Who am I supposed to have “stalked”?

I’m happy to have a dialogue with you, but abusing me is not going to help you or me or Deaf kids or the Deaf community. Of course many Deaf adults are also vulnerable. I’ve seen Deaf adults bullied by their hearing CODAs. I’ve seen Deaf adults financially bullied by their hearing CODAs. I’ve helped Deaf adult friends who have been bullied by real estate agents and WINZ. For you to misinterpret that in the way that you have is wrong Fred. There is no way I would ever try to remove agency from anyone. You might also want to sit down with Mary and have a talk to her about how older Deaf people are faring in nursing homes.

Your reliance on the toxic form of identity politics and your attempts at credentialism also do you no credit. Likewise your insults and calling me a liar and your attempts to undermine me psychologically will not affect me, so I urge you not to try. Can you hear the silliness of what you are saying? You say you don’t know me but then give me a list of things you claim to know about me. The Deaf community is a very broad church and you telling me I don’t belong is, quite frankly, ridiculous and strongly contradicted by my Deaf friends. By all means point out where we may differ. Then we can try to have a rational discussion about it.

I am still at a total loss to understand your anger or why you seem to feel so threatened. I can only surmise that your anger has led to a misinterpretation of my views. Your feelings may have clouded your ability to be objective and perhaps you have been influenced by hate speech without finding out the facts.

Focus again on my blog and try to be objective rather than try childishly to insult me. Tell me what, if anything you think is wrong with my PLD conclusions.

I think it’s amazing and sad that parents with Hearing Privilege make their kids spend literally years of time on a CIP (with its one third failure rate) but won’t bother to spend a bit of time learning NZSL (I’ve never heard of PLD for kids raised with Sign Language). It’s sad that they believe the anti-bilingualism propaganda of the CIP industry.

Re my critique of the DANZ terps, I’ve sat down separately with both Adele and Christine. Both acknowledged truth in what I had to say and DANZ agreed to remove the intemperate and personal attack on me by one of the terps on the DANZ FB page. To be fair in representing Adele and Christine views, both didn’t like the way I presented the critique and we agreed to disagree with the mutual hope that these issues will be further discussed once the next iteration of Trish Fitzgerald’s report is available. Once again, my Deaf friends loved my critique and I had sensible discussions with Adele and Christine.

If you insist on misrepresenting my actions re Loud Shirt day, that’s a pity. The fact of the matter is that the Hearing House, even if it does have an NZSL tutor on the premises sometimes, is deeply against NZSL. Its support of Julia Sarant is disgusting. I attended her lecture where she told grieving parents that they should avoid NZSL. Those parents were deeply disturbed and in tears trying to make the best decisions for their kids. They then get locked into the wrong decision (Check out the SB-210 laws in California) and seek to protect themselves and their psyches in any way they can even when they suspect they may be wrong. They watch their kids fail to thrive on CIP and they feel very cut up about that. Perhaps it’s that which generates the hate speech. I’ve met PLD kids and you probably have too. Sym Gardiner estimates he’s met over 100 and says that number is only a drop in the bucket [edit 30 March 2018. Please see comment 2 below for clarification of Sym’s views].

The closed minded attitude of Scott Johnston is equally reprehensible. Here’s what a Deaf person had to say for example about an advertising campaign run by a company in the CIP business structure of which Scott is an intergral part:

“But by far the worst advertisement was the television advertisement made for the Cora Barclay Centre in South Australia. This was some years ago but this advertisement was incredibly offensive. In the advertisement there is an angelic boy. He has a mop of brown curly hair, he might have been about 12 years old. The boy looks sadly into the camera and in halting sign language explains that many years ago people who were deaf communicated in sign language JUST LIKE THIS – He stops momentarily – then in a sing song voice, with just a trace of a deaf accent he proclaims – “But NOW THERE IS A BETTER WAY.” He then begins to exalt the virtues of the Cora Barclay Centre. Donate and more kids will speak just like him. None of this nasty sign language rubbish, thank you very much. I really do not need to repeat what the Deaf community thought of this one. Suffice to say several staff of the Cora Barclay Centre – past and present – contacted me at that time to express their sorrow and embarrassment in relation to this advertisement. The Cora Barclay Centre did not even respond to criticism of the advertisement.”

I can tell you Fred, that not much has essentially changed since then.

Anyway, like I say, I’m happy to continue a discussion with you, but the bullying doesn’t cut it.

Fred Sun 11.55 PM
Kevin – again you twist and misinterpret this conversation so I guess I will respond for one last time in a brief style – even though you have gone all over the place. I am not discussing with you the benefits or the cons of having CI – I’m letting you know what it is you’re doing and the associated harm. However as your post is all over the place – I will try my best to respond to each as they come up – hence you may need to refer back to your own post to make sure you fully understand.

What else is it that you are doing, other than stalking them? You obtain their names/contact info and then contact them out of the blue to pressure them when you have no connection to them or any standing. Why do you do this? Are you obvlivious to the process that parents go through when they have a profoundly deaf baby? That they are generally given information regarding both NZSL and hearing aid options and where to from there, how AODCs initiate certain things happening depending on parents wishes etc?

If you believe me to be abusing, bullying or childishly insulting you then please do highlight where so – because I do not believe I have, but maybe I need to self reflect on that. However I would ask you to reread your post – you come across as talking down to me – as if you know more about the topic than I could ever do – despite me living it, experiencing it, knowing many Deaf youths and deaf youths and their experiences, and also having done a bit of reading into the audiological and language studies.
You are using your privilege to assume you know about my experience and presume to understand it – implying that I’m lucky because of my particular use case of my CI. Everyone uses or don’t use their CI differently and that’s fine with me – I don’t judge that. I don’t consider anyone lucky or unlucky because they can understand English with a CI.
I at least understand most of the privileges that I am fortunate to have – for example having the privilege of being able to walk where I like at nighttime without worrying about other people jumping me or whatnot because I am a tall big man and no one is likely to mess with me, hopefully, but a small woman does not have that same privilege and has to constantly worry about their surrounding and peoples in it. I recognise that by crossing the street to the other side if I am coming up behind a woman because I don’t want them to stress out about me for example.

Again you twist what I say regarding vulnerability – I said you view us Deaf as being all vulnerable. You’ve gone on to list incidents of vulnerability and I am well aware of those cases happening but does that mean the community is as a whole vulnerable and needs you to do what you’re doing, making ‘representations’ on our behalf? No. Also – It’s the community and community organisations that tend to help these people understand what has happened and how best to resolve and hopefully prevent from happening again in the future.
The Deaf community is indeed a broad church – but like how we have to conform to the wider hearing world at times, people coming into the community should understand Deaf etiquette, how issues might be discussed and advocated for etc. And if you don’t, are you part of the community?

Could you highlight where I’ve called you a liar please? Regarding “identity politics” – do you think that being Deaf is just about “identity politics”? Also – “credentialism” ironic term for you to use, yet you cannot even use a basic terminology of the field right. CIP does not mean cochlear implant, it means cochlear implant programme. When you say CIP, you mean CI.

You sound very silly yourself – I of course do not know you, but I have learned from others and seen with my own eyes through your comments/actions on Facebook. It’s kind of like how I don’t know President Trump but I can see what type of person he is through his comments and actions. An extreme example but apt, I think.

I have tried focussing on your blog – but it is poorly written with emotive language with incredibly bad information such as CAT scans being dangerous – that’s MRI scans, duh. However again, the most striking example is “My Deaf friends have told me babies have died on the operating table” – yet no links, no studies, nothing whatsoever. You know what’s hilarious? I doubt you’re even aware that there IS a slightly higher risk for people with CI to contract meningitis and flu – which is why you get vaccinations before surgery, and the govt provides yearly flu vaccinations for free.

It seems you’re pretty unaware of the history of the Deaf community – this fight over CI was had a few decades back, and it took a long time for things to come right and to start education Deaf children with NZSL again. That is one of the risks of your actions; to start it all over again.

You missed my point again. Doesn’t matter if you were right or wrong about your critique about DA’s translation of the debate – the point is – why did you do it? Have you learned NZSL in a formal setting? Have you completed the AUT interpreting qualification or at least started studying? Again my point is, when you made your critique, where is your standing to do so?

How have I misrepresented your views re Loud Shirt Day – please do read again – I said “campaign against Loud Shirt Day/The Hearing House.” That is what you did, right? I have heard, though perhaps that is not true, that you approached some of the big funders to try discourage them from having any association with Loud Shirt Day. Which again isn’t your place to do so – no matter the problems The Hearing House might have.

Honestly, regarding the rest of your post – it interests me not in the slightest and does not affect the topic that I am driving at and you are wilfully and arrogantly ignoring. It does however interests me that you’ve read so deeply into some of what I’ve said, imagined so many insults and gone way off target with your topics. I can imagine that it must be upsetting for some of those parents you contact – it’s like reasoning with a brick wall. And that is one insult I’ll happily give…

k Monday 6NV2017 12.12 pm
Kia ora Fred
Thanks for taking the time to reply. You are wrong and make erroneous assumptions on many things. So I will also keep it on point and not respond to each of your assumptions. I will say that it is refreshing to hear your honesty that you’ve formed conclusions about me via listening to rumours – nice one Fred.

1. You appear to have been lied to. I have NEVER “obtained” peoples names and contact info and “pressured” them. You need to provide evidence of this ridiculous proposition and stop spreading defamatory lies. I have no idea what you are talking about. Who has been telling you these lies?

2. This issue is about Human Rights. Is PLD a serious problem, yes or no? Until you answer that question this dialogue has a glaring deficiency. You disappoint me if you think I think this is about “benefits or the cons” of CIP. I have never argued against CIP. It is not about CIP; it’s about language (CRPD/UNCRPD Article 24).

3. Parents of new born Deaf babies are pressured big time to begin CIP ASAP. The Hearing House flies dodgy “academics” into NZ to actively tell parents not to use NZSL. The funding disparities between the two (CIP/NZSL) are enormous. Some parents don’t know about First Signs. Some parents hate NZSL and are afraid of it and are clearly encouraged by bullshit academics backed by the CIP industry. A Deaf person who is a First Signs Facilitator has told me that they were too scared to talk about bilingualism with parents. Despite this, many parents, but not all, want NZSL. In feedback about First Signs 19/22 respondents said they wanted more NZSL. So you are wrong to think the program proceeds the way you think it does.

4. You call me a liar by saying my friends have not told me about Deaf babies dying on the operating table. They have told me. And you can google the facts of the matter. I make no apologies for leaving the statement in my blog. It was left there via the specific request of a Deaf friend who helped me on the project. And more than one Deaf friend had input into it. And yes I got it wrong about CAT/MRI on an earlier blog and I had the courage to say so and leave it there. Nice of you not to notice my reasons for doing so.

BTW when I say CIP I mean CIP. For kids, it’s years of intensive P because they are trying to learn a language at the same time and for one third of them it never works out. For older kids born Deaf who already have 2 languages (eg Sign and written English like Leah Coleman) the P is less problematic. For adults generally there can be an ongoing P need or a need for periodic topup. Without it some people develop a stronger “deaf accent” which loses the high frequency consonants and makes communication more difficult.

I knew about the Milan conference before you were born. You have no idea of my links to the Deaf community in many countries around the world or how I came to be involved.

I’m a bit shocked that you try the NZSL credentialism card again; that’s just intellectually sloppy. And you appear not to know what I mean by the toxic form of ID politics. I’m happy to expand on this if you wish.

Once again, please be assured of my ongoing desire to see the best outcomes for everyone in these things. If you stopped making assumptions and stopped paying credence to rumours without checking the facts you may get to see that. Please don’t be responsible for spreading any furthe hate speech.

Fri 17 Nov 2017
Kia ora Fred
I haven’t heard back from you. I am very keen to sort this allegation out. You have made a serious allegation that I have been “stalking and harrassing” parents of Deaf children. You provide no evidence other than rumour which I am guessing comes from parents who have been taught to hate NZSL and who now hate me and are trying their best to damage me. I look forward to getting this sorted ASAP.


Hiya, you refused to listen to me when this original conversation happened so I’m fairly sure I was clear that I couldn’t be bothered to carry on an endless argument with you.

Really, that’s your own problem – it’s nothing to do with me and I can’t sort it out for you. I came to you to see if you would stop but you have refused to. The “damage” being done to you is being done by yourself through your own actions.

I am amused however, that you think I have “ongiong P need or a periodic top” I’d better let my audiologist know she needs to be giving me dat drugs

Kia ora Fred. I’m not happy with that response. You are now ‘victim blaming’. Clearly people, including possibly yourself, are spreading lies about me. Either you name the source to me or we agree on a 3rd party you can give your evidence to. You could give your evidence in confidence if you feel you don’t want to tell me the name of the person spreading lies.

I’m sorry that you’re not happy with my response, but guess now you can understand why I feel unhappy with your response.
Are you threatening me?

I’m sorry if you see any threat. What threat do you think you see?

There seems to be a pretty clear threat implied in your either or statement but if you say there is no threat then that’s fine. However, I can’t be bothered continuing with you, you clearly do not listen to alternative points of view so why would I waste time and energy on you?
In a moment I will block you but please do let me know when you read so I can do so.


NZ Deaf kids suffer further setback

KDEC Insists on strong verbal skills for Teacher of Deaf

This is an obscene joke. This ad demands strong VERBAL skills to teach Deaf kids in NZ. NZSL is NOT required.

Many Deaf kids in NZ suffer language deprivation because they are denied Sign Language. Denying people a language and an education in that language is against the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) which NZ has signed.

The NZ Ministry of Education (MOE) has appointed an Administrator (Limited Statutory Manager) Terri Johnstone for the only 2 Deaf Education Centres in NZ.

Terri’s business is to administer schools all over NZ which are placed under an administrator (the School Board of the Kelston Deaf Education Centre and the Van Asch Education Centre, including Deaf Board members and student representatives have been sacked).

As far as I can see, Terri has very little connection or knowledge of the Deaf community in New Zealand or their needs.

This is the sort of job ad being placed under her rule.

This is one of the most disgusting things I have seen in a long long time.

This is AUDISM running wild.

The Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008, (reprinted 2017) allow for the MOE Secretary to gazette rules for Early Childhood Education services. The Secretary could easily say that qualifications giving primacy to NZSL take precedence. The service can also be “parent led” under the regs.

Early Childhood Reg Updated 2017 re qual

We certainly want the best person for the job, but the primary need is a strong Deaf person with good NZSL. Deaf kids need strong Deaf role models. There are many such Deaf people in NZ.

721 Words

happy words

1 be
2 the
3 you
4 and
5 it
6 to
7 a
8 have
9 of
10 do
11 not
12 that
13 they
14 we
15 in
16 he
17 know
18 get
19 go
20 so
21 this
22 but
23 on
24 pause
25 I
26 unclear
27 for
28 think
29 like
30 there
31 will
32 say
33 she
34 what
35 just
36 well
37 one
38 with
39 if
40 at
41 all
42 about
43 or
44 as
45 would
46 then
47 because
48 right
49 can
50 no
51 up
52 mean
53 out
54 see
55 thing
56 yes
57 when
58 really
59 want
60 come
61 now
62 some
63 good
64 from
65 time
66 people
67 very
68 yeah
69 make
70 look
71 two
72 take
73 here
74 which
75 could
76 work
77 more
78 who
79 other
80 laugh
81 where
82 use
83 something
84 how
85 back
86 year
87 by
88 any
89 lot
90 way
91 put
92 down
93 give
94 sort
95 three
96 much
97 actually
98 need
99 talk
100 kind
101 tell
102 only
103 should
104 over
105 little
106 day
107 into
108 bit
109 try
110 why
111 okay
112 off
113 first
114 than
115 too
116 five
117 let
118 call
119 four
120 last
121 start
122 quite
123 still
124 find
125 probably
126 even
127 might
128 through
129 point
130 anything
131 laughter
132 week
133 before
134 again
135 problem
136 never
137 same
138 big
139 feel
140 ask
141 question
142 also
143 different
144 sure
145 long
146 always
147 school
148 happen
149 course
150 keep
151 another
152 nice
153 read
154 hundred
155 leave
156 many
157 after
158 thank
159 meet
160 stuff
161 end
162 number
163 hear
164 next
165 six
166 pay
167 money
168 place
169 remember
170 maybe
171 old
172 test
173 home
174 change
175 though
176 house
177 new
178 live
179 part
180 kid
181 interest
182 around
183 write
184 most
185 move
186 every
187 today
188 twenty
189 else
190 anyway
191 child
192 buy
193 fact
194 play
195 great
196 job
197 seem
198 man
199 night
200 away
201 pound
202 issue
203 own
204 area
205 half
206 bad
207 round
208 eight
209 help
210 ten
211 whole
212 everything
213 minute
214 may
215 whether
216 student
217 guess
218 whatever
219 car
220 sit
221 bring
222 book
223 name
224 run
225 show
226 word
227 suppose
228 morning
229 must
230 understand
231 month
232 both
233 idea
234 seven
235 pretty
236 somebody
237 able
238 item
239 hour
240 side
241 enough
242 ever
243 important
244 late
245 turn
246 between
247 thousand
248 few
249 term
250 life
251 nine
252 believe
253 far
254 sorry
255 set
256 thirty
257 nothing
258 case
259 real
260 second
261 mind
262 woman
263 guy
264 each
265 hard
266 couple
267 love
268 speak
269 group
270 together
271 high
272 friend
273 build
274 family
275 watch
276 country
277 plan
278 fifty
279 send
280 obviously
281 reason
282 yet
283 walk
284 either
285 wait
286 already
287 person
288 open
289 once
290 report
291 deal
292 stop
293 hand
294 alright
295 example
296 cause
297 information
298 please
299 exactly
300 ago
301 room
302 answer
303 spend
304 stay
305 rather
306 certainly
307 breath
308 while
309 everybody
310 clear
311 eat
312 perhaps
313 early
314 care
315 pick
316 type
317 matter
318 such
319 until
320 hope
321 level
322 small
323 line
324 close
325 phone
326 least
327 under
328 someone
329 system
330 cost
331 state
332 sometimes
333 paper
334 top
335 since
336 concern
337 true
338 order
339 government
340 sound
341 tomorrow
342 service
343 wrong
344 lose
345 easy
346 water
347 program
348 parent
349 break
350 agree
351 business
352 within
353 door
354 sense
355 drive
356 stand
357 basically
358 process
359 hold
360 cut
361 moment
362 girl
363 past
364 without
365 learn
366 young
367 anybody
368 teacher
369 become
370 member
371 train
372 class
373 forty
374 company
375 begin
376 fine
377 support
378 world
379 head
380 nineteen
381 dad
382 view
383 decide
384 finish
385 expect
386 particular
387 percent
388 shop
389 situation
390 involve
391 check
392 along
393 full
394 form
395 sell
396 story
397 certain
398 local
399 ring
400 figure
401 twelve
402 wonder
403 boy
404 usually
405 public
406 less
407 worry
408 yesterday
409 funny
410 road
411 discussion
412 front
413 record
414 across
415 absolutely
416 short
417 policy
418 difficult
419 teach
420 mine
421 piece
422 provide
423 comment
424 cover
425 mother
426 almost
427 list
428 difference
429 ninety
430 against
431 forget
432 page
433 light
434 happy
435 yourself
436 myself
437 dollar
438 cough
439 tape
440 allow
441 wear
442 forward
443 follow
444 experience
445 clock
446 listen
447 decision
448 mention
449 somewhere
450 eighty
451 bloody
452 age
453 outside
454 letter
455 during
456 language
457 card
458 large
459 stick
460 base
461 picture
462 table
463 enjoy
464 party
465 continue
466 pass
467 add
468 sixty
469 often
470 fall
471 grow
472 general
473 drink
474 carry
475 response
476 price
477 include
478 bed
479 position
480 soon
481 suggest
482 office
483 possible
484 fifteen
485 sign
486 face
487 draw
488 low
489 although
490 dog
491 present
492 amount
493 market
494 sing
495 save
496 game
497 lovely
498 choice
499 ready
500 food
501 die
502 health
503 color
504 community
505 miss
506 mathematics
507 address
508 town
509 win
510 foot
511 raise
512 discuss
513 committee
514 pull
515 box
516 dear
517 consider
518 rest
519 increase
520 nobody
521 computer
522 budget
523 fun
524 depend
525 particularly
526 study
527 tonight
528 everyone
529 afternoon
530 notice
531 baby
532 chance
533 standard
534 especially
535 middle
536 press
537 till
538 million
539 seventy
540 city
541 realize
542 score
543 weekend
544 black
545 lead
546 result
547 fit
548 staff
549 control
550 definitely
551 conversation
552 further
553 straight
554 free
555 shall
556 develop
557 college
558 opportunity
559 near
560 ought
561 per
562 bear
563 offer
564 date
565 grade
566 toward
567 war
568 throw
569 major
570 charge
571 rate
572 individual
573 music
574 doctor
575 husband
576 force
577 load
578 effect
579 wish
580 team
581 eleven
582 worth
583 brief
584 law
585 unless
586 future
587 behind
588 white
589 site
590 special
591 main
592 trouble
593 project
594 father
595 quality
596 themselves
597 sleep
598 share
599 available
600 hit
601 fair
602 news
603 strong
604 bottom
605 note
606 step
607 subject
608 clean
609 wife
610 machine
611 cool
612 drop
613 land
614 period
615 bother
616 development
617 detail
618 power
619 marry
620 tax
621 benefit
622 imagine
623 cold
624 vote
625 hang
626 education
627 anyone
628 national
629 fire
630 council
631 instead
632 bill
633 catch
634 tend
635 account
636 statement
637 board
638 summer
639 text
640 brother
641 fairly
642 holiday
643 dinner
644 fund
645 sister
646 noise
647 push
648 accept
649 police
650 kill
651 travel
652 explain
653 movie
654 hair
655 specific
656 tea
657 hate
658 center
659 degree
660 choose
661 research
662 body
663 rule
664 produce
665 size
666 ahead
667 fill
668 extra
669 value
670 bag
671 stage
672 eye
673 window
674 park
675 hot
676 document
677 relate
678 several
679 itself
680 evening
681 product
682 wonderful
683 relationship
684 floor
685 hospital
686 plus
687 quick
688 lady
689 mile
690 aware
691 contact
692 single
693 copy
694 effort
695 trade
696 review
697 sale
698 totally
699 therefore
700 air
701 church
702 visit
703 awful
704 action
705 completely
706 affect
707 cheap
708 street
709 receive
710 require
711 red
712 focus
713 surprise
714 apply
715 correct
716 various
717 bet
718 purpose
719 normally
720 create
721 bus

This list of 721 words covers 90% of modern English. The list starts with the most frequently used words.