David Call Resistance

[Image description: Resistance by David Call. Linocut of David’s childhood experience. Cartoon character with their head replaced by a hand. The hand has an eye in the middle. This shows the importance of eyes and hands for Sign Language. The character is sitting at a table with one hand chained down but the other hand is smashing wind-up chattering teeth with a hammer. The teeth represent oralism.]

Audism is a belief system that causes discrimination against Deaf people. Tom Humpries defined Audism in 1975.

Audist beliefs:

. hearing people are superior to Deaf people

. Deaf people need pity

. Deaf people are disabled

. Deaf people can’t drive or get an education or become professionals

. Deaf people should be taught to speak and become like hearing people

. Sign Languages are inferior and not really languages

. Deaf culture is inferior to hearing culture

Audism results in experiences like a Deaf child never meeting another Deaf person until they are almost in their teens or older!!!


[Image description: 21 Feb 2019 tweet by Mark Ramirez
Today I became an 11 year old hard of hearing boy’s first Deaf/hard of hearing person he ever met… in his life.]

While you’re here, you may want to read my blog about Cochlear Implant Programs (CIP).

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