Exposing the Steiner Cult

steiner girl spiral glenaeon

Book review: Geoffrey Ahern, Sun at Midnight: The Rudolf Steiner Movement and Gnosis in the West, James Clarke and Co, Cambridge, 2009

Extricating loved ones from a cult is hard. Most refuse to acknowledge they are even enmeshed by a cult and even when presented with evidence may dismiss the evidence as a conspiracy theory. An essential part of the process of extricating loved ones from a cult is giving detailed non-judgemental information to the victim. This book will be an enormous help in that regard.

Ahern sets out the staggering evil beliefs of the Steiner cult including on Down’s syndrome children (this will make your skin crawl), magic, supernatural beings, angels and the moon (said to be inhabited by “plant-animals”).

The book describes the secret elite and the First Class which dominate and control the cult from behind the scenes. Most parents sending their children into this environment have no idea what they are getting into or who their money ends up with.

An excellent index has entries on Nazism, cancer (cult members say it’s due to an undeveloped pyschic state), thought-reading, and astral bodies of various kinds (some are made of light and contain the written history of the cult). Unfortunately it lacks an entry on colour beliefs, but does have one on Australia.

That a cult and its “schools” founded on the ravings of lunatic Rudolf Steiner about Theosophy and Anthroposophy can be funded with  our taxes beggars belief.

The book will repay careful reading for anyone considering a Steiner “education” for their children.

For a 2014 expose on the cult in NZ read Catherine Woulfe Listener Steiner article.


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