Evil Doesn’t Exist

Howard K Bloom’s brilliant book shows this beyond reasonable doubt: The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into The Forces of History (1995).

What we call evil is simply the workings of human genetics. This book is the most brilliant exploration of biology, societies and history I’ve ever read.

It’s also an important contribution to the discussion about the clash of civilizations debate because it shows that human nature, not religion per se, is the culprit we need to understand. And, more importantly, we now have the scientific tools to understand human nature in much more detail than ever before.

After publication, it was misquoted by islamic fundamentalists who called for his punishment. The irony of course is that his analysis applied equally to christians. On p.176 he says “Christians by the millions would take upon themselves the privilege of killing, torturing and raping those who weren’t members of their triumphant creed.”

Here are some reactions to the book:

“an underground sensation in the scientific and literary communities….” — The Independent Scholar

“A revolutionary vision of the relationship between psychology and history. The Lucifer Principle will have a profound impact on our concepts of human nature. It is astonishing that a book of this importance could be such a pleasure to read.” — Elizabeth Loftus, Prof. Psychology, University of Washington, author Memory and Eyewitness Testimony

“The Lucifer Principle is a tour de force, a brilliant and seminal work.” — Sol Gordon, PhD, founder, The Institute for Family Research and Education

“a powerful thinking tool, complex and ambitious, bold, with an exceptional ability to integrate across an astonishing range of scientific information. I found myself alternating between ‘Wow!’ and ‘Aha!’ experiences. — Allen Johnson, chair, anthropology department, UCLA

“a freshly viable theory of human social evolution.” — The Washington Times

“a long step forward in the human effort to understand human biology … Its novel assessment is brilliant; its historical facts are unassailable…outstanding.” — Richard Bergland, MD, award winning researcher on brain endocrinology, founder of the department of neurosurgery, Sloan/Kettering

“A trenchant examination of ‘big ideas.’ Howard Bloom turns many of our preconceptions upside down, and in the process shakes our thinking loose so we can see the world differently.” — Mike Sigman, CEO, LA Weekly

“I’m in full agreement with ‘The Lucifer Principle.’ It is fascinating, erudite, enjoyable, stimulating and lively.” — Jerome D. Frank, MD, PhD, Prof. Emeritus Psychiatry, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“Howard Bloom has written a ‘World History’ from a new and different viewpoint based upon the psychological structure and natural predispositions of the human mind. His story…is a challenging and welcome alternative to those based on theistic or political assumptions. — Horace Barlow, Royal Society Research professor of Physiology, Cambridge University



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