Some of my favourite published bits

cat writing quill

Neelima Choahan wrote a nice article about me.

On a 2008 editorial riffing on the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments in Switzerland destroying the earth in a black hole Crikey 11 Sep 2008:
Kevin McCready writes: Your editorial typifies the abysmal scientific illiteracy in Australia. Such particle collisions occur all the time in our atmosphere. The only difference is that in the LHC the collisions are under controlled circumstances where detailed observations can be made. The column inches you devote to LHC critics parallels the ignorance which mars the climate change crisis. In other words a few loony outliers get much more space than they deserve. Lift your game. You sound like the Daily Telegraph.
Others who wrote in similar vein = Toby Fiander , Evan Beaver, David Simpson

I specially love it when the extremists get upset with me and publish attacks which are actually quite funny and then backfire. Here’s a good one from APN re my view that indoctrinating children is child abuse.


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