100 reasons why I won’t sign Red Peak


Let’s face it, the New Zealand Flag Panel appointed by John Key has failed. But the Red Peak flag petition on social media isn’t a good substitute for democracy or proper consultation.

So unless my friends can persuade me otherwise, I won’t sign the petition for 100 reasons.

100 people chosen at random could form a People’s 100. They’d be chosen at random, much like we chose juries, but there would be no compulsion. They’d get together, perhaps on-line, and then in person (to prevent electronic hacking).

The People’s 100 would come up with a selection of flags the rest of us could vote on. The arguments about getting design experts could be assessed by the 100 who could also agree on a process.

Imagine the positive change we could make to NZ democracy with a real consultative process run by 100 people.

After the 100 came to agreement (say by 70%) then their proposals or recommendations would be put to a vote of all kiwis or ferns or koros or matarikis, or geometrics.

How many who’ve signed the Red Peak petition really want to force their choice rather than have a decent consultation? Not many I hope.

How many people who’ve signed the Red Peak flag petition would sign another one to have a People’s 100? Lots I hope.

Can someone who knows C Wilson who started the petition ask him/her/? if they would support a People’s 100?

Who knows, People’s 100’s could became an important part of NZ democracy. This could really be a good legacy for John Key.

kevinmccready at vodafone dot co dot nz

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