Time for new NZ News app?

media defining how we see

With the demise of Campbell and now Mihi, I’ve been thinking.

My wonderful 91 year old mum-in-law reads the NZHerald on her iPAD every morning. She loves it. And I can see why. It’s an awesomely good app. Great photos, great layout, simple short stories.

Problem is, it’s the NZ Herald.

So today I tried a few NZ news apps on my Android. No luck and I assume Apple is the same. They were simple aggregators of mainstream media (MSM) and they do a bad job.

If we are going to win over my mum-in-law, and she’s hungry for GOOD NEWS, we need to think more about our own mass media (I don’t mean internal Party stuff). We still need to focus on getting our message into MSM, but to go wider we need our own app.

My vision is for an app as slick and simple as the NZHerald app. But it would follow the Poynter Principles for Journalists and wouldn’t be green branded.

The current media landscape gives us huge scope but good apps and news services are expensive. Are there enough NZ donors who might share the vision and fund it for a year or two? Then could it morph into a paid app because readers would love it and understand the Poynter Principles? In Australia crikey.com.au led the way and made it work years ago. Can we?


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