Advice on dealing with NZ company AGPRO – DON’T

hazard symbol skull

AGPRO is a New Zealand company run by Greg Halligan and John. They make a herbicide they call Bio-Safe. It’s a hazardous chemical.

When told that Auckland Transport was spraying berms with it and that the foul smelling drift could be smelt hundreds of metres away, Greg Halligan hung up on me before the conversation had ended. Maybe he thought it was over but I certainly had more to say.

I phoned AGPRO again (0508536536, 10 Polaris Place, East Tamaki, Auckland  09 273 3456) hoping to get more info and hoping they might be concerned about their product being used this way. I asked for someone different and got John who gave no satisfaction.

Both Greg and John said talk to Auckland Transport.

Judge for yourself if you want to do business with a company like this. BTW people I spoke to said the smell was the smell of coconuts. If that’s the small of coconut then I’m a coconut too.

And for the record, Auckland Transport didn’t want to know. They said they trust their subcontractors and won’t be doing anything about it.

Stay tuned.



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