Real science or not – fun for you to decide

funny otter cant hear you

Someone dear to me wears hearing aids.

Millions of people with hearing aids have to clean them and dehumidify them EVERY night of their lives.

Most people put them in a sealed plastic screwtop container with a molecular sieve desiccant (Dry-Aid Kit). When the desiccant has adsorbed all the vapour it can, it changes color and needs to be blasted in the microwave to restore it (about once a month). After about 18 months you buy new desiccant for about $30.

Some people say you can use rice as a desiccant. So when I duckduckgo’ed that I found this research.

rice desiccant Angela-Hayden-research (pdf file)

Do you believe the research?

Next plan is to experiment with old hearing aids. Put them in the fridge to dry. Then put them in their sealed container when taking them out of the fridge. This way they should reach ambient temperature without condensation.


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