Otago Elder Exercises – Fall prevention and fun

87-yrsOld chair exersie

The Otago Elder Exercise program is now world famous. It has been proven to reduce falls (but not the damage you do if you fall).

Exercise programs that target two or more components reduce falls:

1 strength

2 balance

3 flexibility

4 endurance.

Tai Chi is great but the Otago Elder Exercise program targets all four components.

Here’s the basic test to see if you should start the program.

1. Chair Stand Test
Sit on a dining chair, fold your arms, stand up and sit down 5 times within 2 minutes.

2. Four balance tests.
Stand barefoot on a firm surface (not carpet) for:
a) 10 seconds with feet together
b) 10 seconds with one foot beside the other but with one heel at the other foot’s instep.
c) 10 seconds with one foot directly in front of the other
d) 30 seconds on each foot.

If you can’t do these, please start on otago elder exercises prd_ctrb118334 (pdf file) and enjoy a new lease of life. It might take about six months to grow new little stabilising muscles, so keep at it.

And the research shows that even if you’re over 100 years old you can still grow new muscle and improve your health.


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