Gavin Ellis – Retired 2005 as editor-in-chief of the New Zealand Herald

Dear Sir/Madam


It is hard to imagine what value Gavin Ellis adds to your operation. Perhaps I’m wrong and I would like to know if I am.

Having just heard him on Radio NZ National with Kathryn Ryan (about 11.45 am 16Sep2014) I am shocked at his stupidity and lack of a scientific outlook. I can’t imagine a role for him in a Science Media Centre.

He made one statement after another which was demonstrably false. Fortunately Kathryn Ryan pulled him up.

But the amazing thing to hear was how he then glibly contradicted himself, apparently now agreeing with Kathryn. Is there a role for this type of person in the Science Media Centre?

In particular, he insults my integrity by telling me – at the end of the day people always vote with their wallets. Again, clearly wrong and without evidence, apart from a discussion with his wife apparently.

Is it time to put Gavin out to pasture?

I’d be pleased to get your response.

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