Three things to say to Conservatives in local politics

animals person table meeting

Recently when speaking at local meetings (community forums, speaking to submissions, Residents Associations etc) I have begun to say that local politics is not democratic because it uses the First Past the Post system to count our votes. If we want democracy, I think we have to hammer this point again and again and again. I have also made the point that local politics is indeed political.

So now the conservatives have started to begin their speeches by saying local politics is not political and that they are here to consult and do as you ask. AND they say they are not tied to the platform of any political party. Cameron Brewer in particular launches full scale political attacks on anyone he doesn’t like and uses a whole barrage of pre-packaged lies, all the time expecting no one will demur.

So here’s how I’m planning to begin from now on:

1. “Kia ora everyone, you’ve just heard a conservative local politician, [name politician], say three things. 1. He/she is not tied to a political party 2. local politics is not political and 3. local politics shouldn’t be influenced by national parties. I suspect that you like me have some doubts about such claims. Especially after the whaleoil emails, we all know that the Citizens and Ratepayers Association has very intimate links with conservative parties in New Zealand.

2. I am proud to say honestly that of course local politics is political. And, I’m proud to say that the integrity and ideals of the Green Party do not change from one meeting to another. The Green Party will always work for the good of our communities whether it be at local or national levels.

3. And one more quick point before I speak to the issues. If you don’t want our rates to help poorer people in our area, please stop saying you want to live in a community which respects Christian values. The ‘roads, rates and rubbish’ mantra is simply untrue. We spend our rates on supporting local business. So it’s totally unfair so say we can’t support other community programs for people who need them. We all want the best for everyone in our communinity and I’m convinced we can work together to achieve it.


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