My eleventh mistake

I make too many mistakes in life. Now I’m up to number 11.


I haven’t made a single mistake this year, but I did a while ago and now I know it.

I pushed for the Green Party of NZ to use the hashtag #ClimateTaxCut. I was wrong on two counts.

1. We don’t need to tell people the Greens care about the environment. That is a given and we probably get no extra votes for it. The problem is actually to convince a lot of people that we are a legitimate party who cares about more than just ‘green’ issues. One friend in particular keeps going on about how the Greens should stick to their patch. So putting Climate in front of #TaxCut might not be useful. Though on the other hand, it might be, so that my friend gets the message.

2. #TaxCut saves space in a tweet.

3. Have you noticed mistake 12? A friend of mine said today he wouldn’t decide who to vote for until he went into the booth to vote. I think there’s a high percentage of swinging voters who are like this. Anyone know how high? So I’m thinking that the traditional boring, gradual, titillating¬† ‘reveal’ of policies might be the way to go.


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