John Key Driving the Economy



John Key driving the economy: driving with an oil warning light flashing, so he just disconnects it.

Key drives a milk and wood export economy. Yeah team, great diversity.

Key drives an Emissions Trading Scheme that subsides polluters. He gives them ‘permission to pollute’ units worth $4. Key has set it up so his friends the polluters cash these in for $3.80 profit on each one. Taxpayer gift to polluters, anyone?

Key drives an overvalued exchange rate. His co-driver Finance Minister says this is a vote of confidence in our economic policies. Can’t wait for my vote on 20Sep.

Key drives the Christchurch rebuild and says it’s a key driver of our economy. Good one John, let’s demolish cities on a regular basis to create jobs.

Keys drives a budget surplus by cutting real pay rates for teachers, police, and nurses. Must be a smart car economy which creates essential services from sunlight.

Key drives huge subsides for superannuation for the well off. Millionaires over 65 get welfare benefits. Next time he complains about the welfare spend, remind him of that.

Key drives housing inflation that makes house ownership in NZ the worst in 50 years. Oh, and he refuses to collect data about foreign investment in the housing market. Yeah nah we’ll all get rich through house price inflation.

Time to



update 6Jul2014 Rod Oram points out Key gets major fact wrong about NZ economy. He also points out that under six years of National Party rule, health and education spending has fallen a cumulative 2 per cent in real terms.


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