The Black and White truth – I’m a True-blue 4 Green


I’m a 4 Green on the Green/green spectrum, measured from 1 to 5 like this:

1. Feral greens – it’s a crime to vote.
2. Fringe Greens – coalitions with other parties are anathema to be considered only after an election.
3. Middling Greens – moving between categories 2 and 4.
4. Realist Greens – coalitions are needed to achieve green ends.
5. National Party greens who probably belong to Forest and Bird and wish the Nationals would be nice to the environment.

Years ago we lost a local government election by 16 votes. I blamed the feral greens of whom there were many in our networks. The National Party and their property developer mates gleefully rolled back our reforms and hacked away at the social structure and environment with dollars signs in their eyes and hatred in their hearts.


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