Mandarin Pronunciation Tips – She spends cents on cheap jam

Horrified to hear Radio NZ get it so wrong pronouncing Mandarin. Surely they have a guide?

Anyway I concocted some tips. Some Mandarin sounds don’t exist in English but this guide is not too bad.

Learn 5 consonants:  x,z,c,q,zh and this mnemonic.

She spends cents on cheap jam.
X               Z         C       Q        Zh

x as in sh in she
z as in ds in spends
c as in ts in cents
q as in ch in cheap
zh as in j in jam

x is often hardest:

xian = shen
xi’an = she arn
xiang = sh ar ng
xiao  = as in shower
xing = sh ee ng
xu = shoe
xuan = shoe en

Audio on Pronounce Names is not too bad


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