Googlemaps H1N1 WAS wrong


You’ve probably landed on this article via the Guardian story or a repost of it.

When I last checked, the googlemap by Henry Niman had been updated and was correct.

If you’ve got time, please look at my blog on why some of us are violent.


For the record, this is what I wrote which the Guardian referred to:

Why is googlemaps H1N1 (swine flu) wrong?

It’s simple to confirm for yourself.

They are reporting a confirmed case in New Zealand. Find me a reliable source (not scum click harvesters or altmed nutters and chiropractors on Twitter) which says NZ has a confirmed case.

Googlemaps is also reporting suspect cases in Australia which have been confirmed NOT H1N1.

You can probably find other errors.

Pink markers = suspect

Purple markers = confirmed

Deaths have no dot in marker

Googlemaps have NO marker for confirmed NOT to be H1N1.

Kevin McCready a090531GMT (we should all use GMT)


2 thoughts on “Googlemaps H1N1 WAS wrong

  1. The visual map is poor for another reason.Tthe balloon tags remove sightings of the country behind. Once it gets really busy it will be useless for all not on a southern coastline.


  2. You should be able to zoom in to a much closer view. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to be street by street.
    Kevin McCready


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