National Broadcasting Network Too Expensive?

I hate the argument that national budgets are like a family budget. But in this case it’s worth thinking about.

Households and governments have a limited amount of real money. You have to decide how to spend it and what your priorities are.

A National Broadcasting Network (NBN) is a great idea, but is it too expensive? Answering this needs an answer to what our national spending priorities should be.

Think of it this way. If the NBN costs about $6-7000 per household, is there a better way to spend the money?

How about a solar electricity plant for every household? Easily done on the $43 billion planned for NBN.

How about upgrading Medicare to include dental care?

How about putting up the school leaving age to Year 12 or even undergraduate degree level?

How about decent public transport?

How about … add in your own priorities for a better Australia.

Kevin McCready


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